Mizuno GXF101 1st Base Mitt Review


Baseball is a sport loved and watched by millions all over the world. Though every position is important, the position of 1st baseman has always been revered as a powerful spot. With 1st basemen like Jimmie Foxx and Eddie Murray known for their iconic careers, we sometimes forget that these great men were once young boys trying to learn the fundamentals of the game.

As we try and nurture our young children to become the next generation of great 1st basemen, we need to ensure that we equip them with the very best of tools to take them to the top. This very idea is what inspired sports equipment legend Mizuno, to come up with an innovative and advanced 1st base mitt for beginners.

The GXF101 is designed with the one of a kind power close technology created by Mizuno. It includes a thumb slot that makes catching a throw easy by improving the mitt’s ability to close. Using superior quality materials and fitted with advanced safety features, Mizuno vows to help your child learn to catch the ball in the ‘right way’.

Why Is The Mizuno GXF101 1st Base Mitt Perfect For Your Child?
The GXF101 mitt is the prime example of baseball’s ability to combine tradition with innovation. It leads the pack in providing a secure and quality mitt for our up and coming baseball players. Below I will outline a few of it’s best features.

Cutting Edge Design Structure
This youth sized mitt is fitted with a V Flex notch located in the heel. This makes the process of opening and closing the glove easy. It also comes with power lock technology that includes a wrist wrap giving the wearer the ability to maintain a secure fit during the game. This wrap is also very easy to adjust.

The open back mitt also has double reinforced webbing that not only makes the mitt more durable, but makes the mitt stronger. As if the design of this mitt wasn’t outstanding enough, Mizuno has included a parashock palm pad with sure fit foam to decrease the pain the wearer will feel when catching hard balls. This ensures your child’s hands are safe at all times. You can see more great choices at Baseball-Stuff’s Top 5 Baseball Gloves page.

Effortless Catching
This glove was specifically designed for young baseball players learning to master the game. It is designed to make catching the ball simple. Catching dirt balls with this glove is a breeze. It’s 12 inches wide which increases the range a 1st baseman has available to catch the ball. With a wider range comes the ability to catch more balls.

Superior Material And The Breaking In Process
The GXF101 uses Dakota leather. This is a very soft leather that will do two very important things. Protect your child’s hand and provide comfort. This game ready leather is extremely easy to break in and usually comes with a 95% break in directly from the manufacturer. This mitt is also equipped with a power closed notch design making it easy to close right away.

If you are looking to buy an affordable baseball glove for your child, this is the one you want. It will help them conquer the challenge of being a first basement. With top grade leather and technology specifically designed to protect your child, Mizuno has come up with the perfect mitt for youngsters. And for less than $50 you really can’t go wrong.

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum – An Unbiased Review


Vacuum cleaners are some of the most valuable home cleaning equipments that every homeowner must consider. A reliable and high quality vacuum cleaner such as Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum is one of the most exceptional investments that you have to consider if you really want to have a cleaner home environment. This vacuum cleaner only weighs 4 pounds and it comes with innovative features to improve its overall functionality.

This vacuum cleaner is a 3-in-1, versatile unit that perfect works as a utility vac, handheld vac and stick vac. It has a lightweight design that makes it simple to move from one place to another. Its lightweight construction is also perfect for a more comfortable carrying. It is a perfect vacuum cleaner unit that is easier to carry, to store and to bring transport from room to room. It also comes with a reliable easy-empty dirt cup so there is no need for you buy any bags anymore. This unit is a perfect multi-purpose cleaner that offers exceptional and high quality cleaning.

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stick Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum is a high quality vacuum cleaner unit that is perfect for quick cleaning jobs. It is very east to assemble and it works in any type of floor. It is also a great little vacuum that is perfect for small areas. We also find it the best vacuum for pet hair 2014 as well. An onboard crevice tool is also an intelligent feature. This allows this unit to clean even those areas that are hard to reach like along baseboards, under appliances and furniture and between the couch cushions. This unit also exhausts or expels only clean and fresh air, so you can ensure that the air that you breathe at home or in your working area is clean and healthy.

It is true that vacuum cleaners have made our home cleaning jobs easier, and when it comes to our everyday spills, we really do not need to use those bulky and huge machines. With this innovative unit, there is no need for you to suffer from the inconvenience of using those heavy units just to give your home a fresher feeling. This vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use and this enables you to immediately clean up spills just before they do a greater damage to your floor and your furniture.

Due to its lightweight design, you can always carry this unit around even downstairs and upstairs without necessarily breaking a sweat. It is a small cleaner innovation that is equipped with great features to improve its overall functionality.

The use of this high quality vacuum cleaner is a great home investment that you have to consider. This can give you a cleaner and more convenient living space and can also benefit your overall health in various ways. Lightweight Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum is a reliable vacuum cleaner that will not only clean your home environment, but will also improve your indoor air quality. With the use of this vacuum cleaner, you can give the whole family a cleaner and fresher home to live in.

Real Joy of a Budget Traveller


When I was younger, I used to travel just to wander around and learn about the cultures of other places. I started with the next town, moving on with the next province and then the next country. I can say that I have practically travelled to many places than a regular 30ish could and actually took pride for doing so. But the best part of each travel is picking some great finds for less. As you know, imported souvenirs usually cost high when they are bought in malls than buying them from where they were made. Most of the time, the savings on these souvenirs—especially if you actually need them—is a good reason for the entire travel.

A good example to this is the baby monitor that went on sale in one of the malls I visited after a business trip in the city. I have been meaning to get one of these for too long now, but have been putting it off due to the hectic schedule I have in the office. The delaying tactic paid off after finding a great brand at very low price on an all-paid trip to the city by my company. This will surely keep me from staying up late worrying that my baby needs this or that before I fall asleep. The thing also comes with an install manual, so I can set it up myself and save a few more bucks for an installer.

Another time, I also happen to buy one of the best pieces from BEST CARRY ON LUGGAGE SITE —a bigger one than what I have—at very low price too. It was not on sale but because the brand is made from that place, the prices were ridiculously low. I also tried to look for anything that will make me ‘unlike’ the product, may be a bad stitch, some discoloration or just anything that would make it look different than what I saw in the local malls but there was none. The bag was authentic and branded so I bought it, place my old bag in it and all the other souvenirs I picked from the area. Everything fit in the bag so I won’t have to pay for an extra bag to check in. Great savings, really!

But we can’t just miraculously find great souvenirs at low prices, can we? The secret is to research on the place you are going to and see if you can find some bargains, so you don’t have to do mall hopping with the limited time you have during the travel. Doing so will also help you get a tip for travelling in the place from people who did travel in the place before or best, from a local of the place. This will help you save time, cash and effort of finding out yourself when you are already in the place. If you are lucky, you can even find a travel pal and save more by splitting expenses for hotel, food and transportation.

Budgeting will indeed do the trick!

Three Nursery Essentials That You Need To Have Early On


Like they say, starting early will never get you wrong, same is true with buying the necessary nursery staples. Its never too early to go through your nursery check list once you’ve learned that in few months, you will be giving birth to your precious little one. Building your nursery room isn’t a walk in the park for you and your wallet. So it’s always best to buy the stuff that you will need early on.

For starters, what are the most needed nursery stuff that you can purchase? Remember that you have a lot to buy and stuff to do now, so shopping for essentials one-by-one will truly help you. Below are three of the much needed essentials for your nursery:

Crib – Buying baby cribs is very expensive, but you should always consider the safety of your little one. Make sure to compare the product features and don’t just look for the price and the brand. At times we go for brands even though its expensive just because you want to be “in” but let me remind you, your baby doesn’t care for the brand or the design, all they will be after is their safety and comfort.

Video Baby Monitor – This is very important to purchase early on, it will ensure that you will have ways and means to check your baby while you are inside or outside of your home. Safety is your number one priority, having video baby monitors will give you the peace of mind that you need once you step out of the nursery room. You have to set it up and test it early on to ensure that you have installed it properly. Certain apps also needs to be downloaded for you to access and monitor your baby while you are away. Invest in the Best BABY VIDEO monitor possible that will last a long time and can easily be accessed anywhere. A lot of innovative video baby monitors are out in the market so read the reviews before purchasing one (if you need a good one, look here: The best video baby monitors – Infant Optics DXR-8).

Nursery Chair – Whether you will opt for a glider or a rocking chair, ensure that your nursery chair will be very comfortable for you and your baby. See to it that it will be very easy for you to stand up and sit on it, because when the time comes that you are trying to soothe your baby to sleep, you will be carrying additional weight and it won’t be easy if your chair will move or cause a lot of noise.

Try to accomplish buying these three essentials early on, check websites and stores for more information on the specifications and of course for the prices. Once you’ve accomplish these three, you can now move on to furnitures, strollers and high chairs. Clothes can be bought later on when you know your baby’s gender but the most important thing for you to do is plan early, it will save you lots of time later that you can use for resting when it gets too difficult to shop and buy stuff that you need.

Hitting tips in softball


Like most of the people thinks, being able to hit the ball whether it is fast pitch or slow pitch is actually the main thing to perform and it is a requirement to master for players. If you happen to hit the ball, it gives way for your team mates to chances of going on bases, doing most home runs to make points and eventually winning the game. The most difficult pitch to strike is the curve balls. It is normal to expect too much strike out once the pitcher is used to giving curve balls. To combat this is to enhance and develop your batting skills. The main key to hit this kind of pitch to focus and be determined enough to be able to assess by seeing the break of this pitch.

Intimidation is the normal result that can happen when waiting for the exact moment to strike the balls. A batter can become impatient. This may also causes the batter to swing ahead to time. The appropriate strategy that you yourself should be able to develop is to be efficient in hitting this kind of pitch which is the curve ball. Be accurately effective in both the fast and the slow curve ball.

A pointer was disclosed several years ago by one particular famous player during his time that, his strategy was analysing that the pitcher is a slow pitch thrower so he can wait for the right timing of the curve ball. Make sure to swing to the direction where that fast ball is heading to. The whole degree of his effort to swing covers the space where the fastball is directing.

I this method of anticipating for the curve ball, a compressed swing that is natural should be improved despite of the age. Stick to the hitting strategy so as to strike either slow or fast ball and provide enough to combat and hit the curve ball.

Another thing, to search and wait for the ball is very relevant even there is an error in calculating for the curve ball hitting the ball would really be possible. So at any given instance, prevent yourself from making the slightest movement of swing upward using your CF6 Softball bat because this activity would let you avoid hitting the ball.

In the game of softball, always bear in mind this important thing. The key is to really be patient for the right time to hit the ball. Make sure to be efficient in executing the strategy you have developed to hit and create points for your team. You’ll also need one of the best softball bats 2014 to ensure you really connect with the pitch!

The main thing that is important here is you are able to enjoy yourself while playing softball. Once you are in this state of enjoyment then everything follows. Making the right moves and playing with boosted confidence are adding factors for your team to achieve victory. This game also demands for team players. Proper coordination with team-mates should be practices in this sport too. It is not your sole effort that could bring home the beacon. Everyone in the team must do their tedious part.

How to buy Youth Baseball cleats


Youth baseball cleats for the majority are all molded, meaning that they are plastic or rubber instead of metal. Most youth and kids leagues do not allow metal spikes on a pair of cleats, so you will find youth and kids baseball cleats with a molded sole. These types of cleats tend to be cheaper, which is nice because kids can wear out shoes fast.

What price am I looking at?
This is a good question to ask before you run out and purchase a pair of cleats for your child. Youth baseball cleats and kids baseball cleats are going to stay under the $50 mark. This is quite nice, seeing as metal spiked cleats can reach the $100 mark and above.

What brand should I look for?
All the mainstream brands are available for youth and kids baseball cleats. Nike, Adidas, Puma, Mizuno, Under Armour, etc…should all be available for purchase. There are other brands that are less popular that will be cheaper but also offer less quality, so just watch this and read reviews before you purchase an off brand.

The type of youth baseball shoes your child will want and prefer depends on your child’s size and build. Nike usually has more narrow shoes for youth and kids that have a more narrow foot or want a more snug fit. Mizuno usually has a wider fit for a larger foot size. Try different kids baseball cleats on your child from season to season and you will determine which brand works best for you child.

Other recommendations:
If your child has week knees or ankles, I would recommend them wearing a brace when using youth baseball cleats. Since molded cleats do not dig as deep as metal cleats they have the tendency to turn more, increasing the chance of injury. As a precaution, it would be good to protect your child by purchasing them a brace for areas of weakness.

Youth baseball shoes should not break the bank because they are priced relatively well and provide good performance. Listen to the feedback of your child to determine the best cleat possible for them.

White Baseball Cleats

White baseball cleats are not as popular as black cleats, but they can still be found on the market relatively easy. White can be selected for most popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Mizuno, and Under Armour. You don’t have to pay extra for different colors than a standard black, but your choices may be limited when you start selecting other colors.

Popular styles with color choices:
• Mizuno 9-Spike Classic G6 Low Switch Baseball Cleat—a classic cleat by Mizuno is offered in white for your own personal preference. This cleat is great all the way around, you can’t go wrong with this particular style.
• Nike Air Huarache 2K Fresh—the Nike Huarache is a popular choice among baseball players of all levels and it is available in white.
• Adidas Excel 365 Metal Low—Adidas offers a classic style cleat in white for all different sizes. This cleat is very nice with its low cut on the ankle.

As mentioned above, most of the classic and popular style cleats by leading brands are offered in white baseball cleats. Black is not the only color on the market, so you can venture out a little and purchase a white baseball cleat if you so desire.

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